Through my lens I’m trying to reflect Nepal and it’s true authentic nature through the photographs.

Nepal has always been a favorite destination to many travelers, trekkers, mountaineers, backpackers from around the world and I feel proud to be born in this naturally beautiful Himalayan country. By size, Nepal might be a small country with the area of 147,181 km², but it is home to many beautiful high snow-capped mountains, freshwater rivers, dense forest, deserted land, rich flora-fauna and not to forget the people and their diverse culture, language & dialects, religion, festivals, etc. It stretches from the flat low lands, Kechana (60 m) – the lowest altitude of Nepal to the highest point on the planet, Everest (8,848 m). So, Nepal can be referred to as a garland woven from hundreds & thousands of beautiful flowers.

      Having traveled for many years, I have had the opportunity to explore different parts of my country Nepal and outside of it. The nature of my work has always given me the opportunities to explore new destinations around Nepal. And for all the new places that I visited and different people I met, there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t amazed and inspired. I have always found nature and people have a lot in common. If we give them a chance, they will welcome you with arms wide open and make you experience things that are life changing.

          From all these years of traveling, I have learned to have a deeper understanding of myself and what surrounds me. Not only this, but traveling has also taught me to adapt and survive with the changing nature. There is so much to learn from everything around us and I hope that this photoblog can become a medium to contribute to learning and connecting with nature. It’s a collection of photographs that I captured during my travel to different places in Nepal. I would like this blog to be a bridge to connect people with nature, to inspire more people to travel, and to show them what my beautiful country Nepal has to offer through my lens.

Thank you!

“पहिले देश, पछि विदेश”

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